Let this master wordsmith, author, music composer, and designer craft specially composed words for all your occasions, and have it engraved on the finest glass.
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Specially crafted words to stir the heart of anyone. For all your special occasions message the wordsmith and begin the journey.

Your loved one

Share tour thoughts about this person you care about or love and Desirel Expression will do the rest. A priceless gift of love.


Once we specially craft your thoughts into moving words and you are satisfied we will engrave those words on glass and mail it .

Make your work easier and faster!

The journey to inspire love in the world starts with you

Desirel Expression has just started this journey of empowerment in the world and everyday someone chooses to engrave heartfelt words we will update the counter. PRICES START FROM $250.00

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Why every thought counts

You never know how you can change someone’s life forever with well thought out and profound words from the heart.

Everyone’s story is different. Their fears and struggles could be inconceivable but you can change it all with a word from the heart.

There are smiles that are eternally etched into the lives of those you touch

With the right words you can place a permanent smile in the lives of those you know

Not everyone can wake up feeling their optimal best, but if you know the strengths hidden in the lives of those you love you can rekindle their spirits by sharing something from the heart they will always be reminded of make their light shine without end.

People just like you who know the value of the specially crafted words

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"The world we live in needs a little bit of love to carry it one to a better day."
Lily Holmes
“Sometimes it’ is this little gestures that go a long way to change lives.”
James Aligan
"If only everyone took a moment to do something special for someone else.”
Alicia Lohan
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